GeGe Birdnest

Gege Birdnest Malaysia

We've been in bird's nests industry since 2005, started as a humble family business.

In 2020, we officially launched Gegebirdnest.

We provide


All our birdnests are carefully handpicked to ensure our customers receive the best quality products. The cleaning process is repeated 3 times to guarantee your satisfaction. They will then be freshly boiled, vacuum packed and deliver to you within 2 hours to ensure its' freshness.



 GEGE Bird's Nest


The bird's nests we use are 100% sourced from Malaysia, one of the most successful bird's nest producers in the world.

We believe in savouring the drinks as naturally as possible, so our bird's nest are 100% NO preservatives, NO stabilisers, and NO bleach. A simple yet nutritious original-flavoured bird's nest drink, just for you, princess!