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Why is Bird's Nest Good for You

Why is Bird's Nest Good for You

Is bird’s nest really good for your health?

You've probably heard this a million times before: bird's nest is good for you. But how good is it, why is it considered good, and is it worth its price tag? A few decades ago, we may have been satisfied about its veracity as long as our elders said so. Wouldn’t it be nice to have proof so that you can justify stretching your ringgit to include bird’s nest drinks in your pampering regimen?

PHYSICAL (External)

Radiant, Youthful Complexion

Ladies love the magic words “radiance” and “youthful” when it comes to our skin. Luckily, regular consumption of bird’s nest can really help you achieve this effect, and it’s been scientifically proven, too!

Bird’s nest drinks are rich in a protein called epidermal growth factor (EGF). Let’s break down this complicated-sounding word, and you’ll realise it’s actually simple. “Epidermal” refers to the outermost layer of our skin. In reality, EGF affects both the inner and outer layers of our skin (but of course, we see the results on the outside!). Multiple studies have proven that EGF can stimulate the growth of new skin cells, and when coupled with collagen, leads to that youthful look you’ve always craved.

Less Wrinkles & Reduces Stretch Marks

One hallmark of youthfulness is a lack of wrinkles, which also ties in with EGF. That very same protein continues to be beneficial to you even as your body undergoes huge changes in your life, such as pregnancy and childbirth. Worried about stretch marks after the birth of your baby? Bird’s nest is rich in the aforementioned collagen and EGF, and the same thing that works wonders for your facial skin also works on your tummy! Continuous consumption of bird’s nest drinks during and after pregnancy can help relieve the severity of stretch marks on your skin.

Better Eyesight

You’re lucky if your vision is already 20-20. Even so, eyesight tends to deteriorate as we age, and injuries to the eyes require delicate healing. Here’s where edible bird’s nest can help you.

A study revealed that EGF extracted from bird’s nests greatly improved wound healing and tissue regeneration on the cornea.

After all, wouldn’t you like to have bright, clear eyes to go with your youthful complexion?

PHYSICAL (Internal)

Relieve Respiratory Ailments

Of course, the benefits of consuming bird’s nest can be felt on the inside as well as the outside. Bird’s nests have long been prescribed as a supplement to relieve respiratory illnesses such as flu and cough. The findings of the study found bird’s nest to be very good at fighting off influenza-related illnesses - good news for whenever a cold season hits!

Boosts Immunity

Everyone wants to be strong - but it’s not just the physical strength that matters, you want to be strong against sickness too to live a long and healthy life! Studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of bird’s nest in promoting the production of more B-cells in our bodies, which are white blood cells responsible for protecting us via our immune systems. Basically, the more B-cells you have, the stronger your immune system, and therefore the lower your risk of falling sick.

This immunity-boosting benefit of bird’s nest also plays an important role in the rebuilding of immune systems for chemotherapy patients, who lose their immune systems during treatment. Remember to check with your doctor before including bird’s nest in your diet, just in case.

Quicker Recovery

EGF works on our bodies from inside out. Because of that, even before you start admiring your refreshed, radiant looks in the mirror, the bird’s nest you consumed has actually been working hard repairing damaged tissue, not just skin. This is particularly important for people who have recently undergone surgery, given birth, or fallen sick, as it enables you to recover faster.


Promote Intellectual Development

Studies into the effects of bird’s nest on learning and memory is still in its early stages, though our elders have stood by it for centuries. For children, whose brains are still developing and growing, bird’s nest is said to promote intellectual development in the learning and memory departments. As we grow older, the function of bird’s nest for our brain shifts from promoting development to reducing the risk or effects of brain-related ailments such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, brain injuries, and strokes. The study suggests that the prominent sialic acid in bird’s nest may contain elements that protect our brains.

IN SHORT, the benefits of bird’s nest is well-substantiated today, and our elders were definitely right!

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