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How to Lose Weight with Bird’s Nest

How to lose weight with bird's nest

You probably have your reasons for consuming `bird’s nest drinks`. Most of you may be taking it for health or beauty purposes, such as the well-published benefits for your skin, immune system, brain function, and so on…but did you know that it can also help you ladies with weight loss? Yes, really!


What Causes Weight Gain

Those numbers creeping up the scale has got to be one of the scariest things to see! In order to discover how to lose weight, first we should identify what causes weight gain. One or many factors may come into play, including external factors like eating more and/or exercising less, as well as internal factors such as hormonal imbalances, menstrual cycle, menopause, slower metabolism, stress, depression, anxiety, or lack of sleep.

If you have a tendency to try out diet plans then easing off after a while, research has shown that yo-yo diets actually cause you to gain back that weight - or maybe pack on even more!
You can’t control some of those factors. But you can control some of them, and hopefully that will be enough to help you shed those unwanted pounds in the long-term.

How Bird’s Nest Helps Weight Loss

You know what people say about working smart, not hard? Often, we struggle between wanting to eat good food and healthy food, but this doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive! You just need to find the correct foods to eat that can help you lose weight without starving yourself. You should be happy to know that your beauty regimen of bird’s nest drinks can help you with this too. Here’s how it works:

Bird’s nest drinks contain 18 different amino acids. We need 20 amino acids to maintain healthy bodily functions. If you’ve tried weight loss supplements recently, amino acids might sound familiar to you, because some weight loss supplements are made with amino acids. Initially, amino acid supplements were used by weight-lifters to promote muscle development, but a growing body of research has revealed its potential as a weight-loss tool. So what are amino acids, anyway?

Amino acids are small molecules that link together to form larger protein molecules. Besides building and maintaining proteins and muscle tissue in our bodies, they give you more energy, reduce fatigue, improve recovery times post-exercise, and they may also boost fat burning by increasing your metabolism and promoting muscle growth.

Amino acids also stimulate the secretion of somatotropin, or STH, which is a natural growth hormone that builds protein from amino acids and the oxidation of fat. Having more STH means you can potentially burn more fat and lose more weight.

At the same time, a specific type of amino acids, namely glutamine, which is also present in bird’s nest drinks, go one step further by actually preventing fat storage in your body. Glutamine can be turned into glucose (in other words, energy) without triggering fat-storage hormones.

All in all, amino acids in bird’s nest drinks can help you achieve your weight loss goals and gain muscle at the same time, so you may not have to face flabby body parts once you lose weight!

Best Practices

Drinking Time

`Bird’s nest drinks` should ideally be taken on an empty stomach, which is why we recommend that you drink them either in the morning, or two hours after dinner. For weight loss, it may be better to consume your `bird’s nest drinks` at night on an empty stomach, as STH is mostly produced by our bodies when we sleep.

Exercise Too

You know that extra energy boost `bird’s nest drinks` provide? Make the most of it by exercising more when you can. Start small with daily half-hour walks, short jogs, gym, classes, or even following video tutorials online. Help your body build muscle by giving the amino acids something to work with.

Hit the Sweet Spot

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing! Just because your `bird’s nest drinks` can now be part of both your beauty and weight-loss routines doesn’t mean you should increase consumption. 2-4 grams of bird’s nest a day is all you need; anything more may be wasteful. To keep things simple, we’ve already optimised the bird’s nest content in our `GeGe’s freshly-boiled bird’s nest drinks` for you: each bottle contains 3 grams of bird’s nest strands!

In other words, please do not go overboard and drink only bird’s nest as part of your diet plan. Balanced meals and a balanced lifestyle is the way to go!

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